Specifics for Custom Print

Please read carefully.

Follows here some important tips in order to get the best printing quality as possible.


The design for the custom print should be sent in vector format (ai, pdf, svg) and not raster format (jpg, png, gif)


We cannot print in multiple colors. The design has to be sent only in black and white, without colors or grayscale. Printing colors available are: black, green, blue, red, violet and many more, ask for more info.

Lines thickness

Very thin lines will not be printed. We suggest at least 1mm thickness. We suggest also to keep printing areas separated by 1mm as well.

Filled areas

Huge filled areas will not be printed perfectly. We suggest to keep the filled ares under 10mm squared. If you need more informations, please contact us.

Printing Area
diameter 135mm standard mamadisc
diameter 105mm mini mamadisc